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Glitzy Dragon Creates | Epoxy Free Tumblers and Drinkware plus Other Handmade Goods

Frequently Asked Questions

A great deal of time and attention and care goes into everything I create. I am invested in helping you care for them the same way I would. Here are some of the things I'm asked most frequently with regards to tumbler care.

  • Do You Use Epoxy?
    Nope! I use a water-based, non-toxic, polyurethane top coat from The Crystalac Company. It is FDA compliant and BPA-free. Once cured, it is extremely durable with a smooth glassy finish.
  • Do You Take Custom Orders?
    Only occasionally. I'm still first and foremost, a stay-at-home-momma. And my whirlwind of a kid certainly keeps me on my toes. Check in with my exclusive VIP Facebook group for custom openings.
  • How Do I Care for My Tumbler?
    My custom drinkware should be treated with care because it was created with special care and attention. • Handwash only, and towel dry • Do not soak • Not dishwasher, microwave, or freezer safe • Do not drop Soaking your tumbler could result in cracking, so make sure to towel dry the outside and don't let the bottom sit in water. Dropping your tumbler could result in chipping because of the hard glassy finish. The full cure time for my tumblers is 30 days. They can be used gently before this time, but handle with extra care during the curing. It will get harder and harder everyday.​
  • What are these Dragon Boxes you sometimes list in your shop?
    I'm glad you asked! They are specialty curated boxes, filled with themed handmade items to fit a theme. I fill them with TONS of items pertaining to that theme, including my tumblers. I also partner with many other crafters and small business owners to offer these fabulous boxes and they make great gifts for yourself or a loved one! They are limited quantity, so when they're sold out, that's it until the next quarter! To find out when they'll be offered next, or to participate in polls choosing themes, join my VIP Facebook group.
  • How can I support you and the art you do?
    Following my social media accounts is a great place to start. I'm on Facebook and Instagram currently. I have great plans for future engagements though, so stay tuned! And of course, shopping from my little business here is always MUCH APPRECIATED! Every purchase causes a happy dance! (Completely for real!)
  • Payments/Refunds/Returns
    I accept payments from all major credit cards and via Paypal. ​ Tumblers and other custom handmade items are final sale.
  • Do you ever sell your hand-painted art pieces?
    Yes! Sometimes I do, and I list them here when I have them available and ready to go in the mail. I also usually post on social media when I've listed them, so make sure you're following me!
  • How can I get you to paint something custom for me?
    I LOVE custom orders! Reach out to me here using the chat feature, fill out my contact form, or feel free to contact me on social media and we'll chat about what I can do for you!
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