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So yeah. It's been a while since a good post was made here. Entirely my fault. We moved from Colorado to Virginia and it's been a journey, let me tell you, in more ways than one. Fitting our life into a new (smaller...) house has been interesting but I'm making progress. I even sold two paintings last week!

I'm going to make a MUCH more concerted effort to remember to update my online presence. I'm here, Etsy, Patreon, Facebook, Instagram, Redbubble, and Society6. I've got to get better at photographing my products and remembering to list them AND market them AND package them so they not only look good enough to buy but ship to you safely when you purchase them.

I design greeting cards AND paint with acrylics and watercolors. I make beaded jewelry and handmade hair bows (the fabric and ribbon kind.) I adore coming up with quirky things to put on journals and pen pouches and making pens to put in those pouches. It's a lot. I often tell my husband that I'm good at creating things but not so much the selling part. And the thing that blows the mind sometimes is how long it takes from finishing a product to selling it. I'm talking the photographing, packaging, labeling, editing, describing, listing, sharing, marketing, and is a lot.

Anyway. This wasn't meant to be a complaint. This was meant to be a candid post explaining why you'll often see things in person at my booth at craft shows that aren't for sale on my website or in my Etsy shop.

Soon to be listed: paintings and new snarky greeting cards. Because if you're going to send letters, make sure they're full of sass.

I'm opening up preorders for Christmas cards today, that way I can print them all at once and send them out to you by Thanksgiving. Take a look at the Stationery section of my shop for all of the designs I have available. They will be mailed out on November 22nd, 2023, so get in on this!

I've been designing cards for weeks, tweaking the images until I'm happy with them. I'm confident you'll find them to be high quality and vibrant.

Bulk orders are considered anything more than 10 cards, so if you need greater quantities, reach out to me for a discount and timing.

(This is just one of the cards available. Go see the rest!)

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Preorders are OPEN for the latest themed curated gift box!!

The Dragon Boxes are BACK, my lovelies!! They are themed gift boxes, especially curated and put together with lots of care and thought.

They're available as preorders because every single item is handmade just for each box. Past themes have been things like Winter, or Self Care, or Literary Tea Party.

The boxes come in two sizes and all come with a tumbler, cup, or water bottle. The Extra Big boxes come with two. They're also filled with handmade jewelry, bath and beauty products, stationery items like pens or bookmarks or greeting cards, recipes that fit the theme, and SO MUCH MORE!

I've sourced handmade and small business and local items for each box that I make. They may be a bit of a mystery, but they're well worth it.

For the Valentine's Day boxes, let me know if this box is a gift to yourself or a gift for a loved one! The cup choices this time are wine tumblers!!

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