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Glitzy Dragon Creates | Epoxy Free Tumblers and Drinkware plus Other Handmade Goods

About Us

Glitzy Dragon Creates | Epoxy Free Tumblers and Drinkware plus Other Handmade Goods

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


The Story

Launched Officially in 2021

I'm Lauren and I am a creator. I didn't know that for a long time but one day, my friend taught me to paint. And that began a long chain reaction of creative opportunities and inspiration. Suddenly, I was seeing things differently. I found myself trying new crafts that I never considered before and here I am today, launching my own handmade crafting business. 

With the support of my family and friends, I began this artsy journey and I've come a long way. I was born and raised all over the USA (military kid life, amirite?) and now I am a proud navy wife and momma to a beautifully imaginative daughter and fur momma to the softest kitty ever. I have always tried to find "the thing." You know, that thing that you're good at that brings you untold joy and lights a spark in you. I've held many kinds of jobs but art is really MY THING. 

I began with painting and discovered I'm more of an abstract-ish sort of painter. By that, I mean, I will never be good at capturing real life on a canvas. But I AM good at layers and colors and creating vibrant emotional pieces. Enter Lauren into the world of tumblers. 

I have always loved cups. And coffee. And cups that keep my coffee appropriately hot or cold, as needed. For a long time, I always searched out "the cup lady" at craft fairs. I bought artsy tumblers for me and to give as gifts. I made custom cups for friends (remember when everyone was decorating ceramic mugs with Sharpies?) Eventually, I had SO MANY of my own ideas, that I just had to start making my own. It was early during the pandemic of 2020 that I first began to research and learn about custom tumblers. There's just something so fantastic about the process. I. Was. Hooked. 

From there, I started to be inspired by so many other art mediums. You'll see lots of jewelry, stationery items, hair bows, and much more! And now I have something fabulous I can offer. I participate in local craft shows and showcase my items online and in a couple of stores that feature independent creators. 

Stay tuned for more updates as Glitzy Dragon grows and expands because I just have ALL of the ideas!


Cheers, Dragon Friends, and stay glitzy!

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